Landing Soon
These are the things the team is working on right now, and should be ready for you to get your hands on any time in the next week or two.

Decision Trees

Navigating through knowledge is often a multi-step process, one piece of knowledge leads you to the next based on a customer response. You want to build flows of knowledge in your bases with simple intuitive tools.

We’re plugging in the first stage of these tools, so articles can be linked together in the editor, and then easily navigated between in your base, choosing from options at each level

Navigation Improvements

We’re always looking at how we can make SenseIQ as easy to use as possible – and we’re listening to our user feedback all the time. “Quality of Life’ should be a priority, not a “nice to have!”

We’re adding in a bunch of improvements to navigation, including making it easier to identify and switch between workspaces

Help Base

Whilst we strive to make everything as intuitive as possible, sometimes we all get confused and need a prod in the right direction.

Our knowledge team is putting together our “user manual” – SenseIQ style of course – so you’ll have access to the most up-to-date info on how to use all the new features through our new Help Base which will be accessible through the application and on our help site.

In Flight
Features that are in progress, but not quite ready for action yet. Expect to see these in a month or so.