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    Jaz W
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    Hey Team,

    I am a new User to SenseIQ and have been creating Articles for a Base. I have some feedback that would really help with the editing process:
    – Added pictures should be scalable within the edit window
    – ‘Update’ was a little confusing to me, I think it should be ‘Edit’ and then ‘Update’ to save the changes
    – Pictures and text should be able to be embedded around each other
    – Words within sentences should be able to be highlighted and changed colour
    – The option to preview changes should be available before saving.


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    SenseIQ Staff

    Thanks so much for this feedback. Yes we are looking at how we can support these within our editing framework at the moment. We have updated the “Update” process that you mention as well. You may be interested that we are also adding a Preview article when managing article lists as well, which will be available shortly.
    Kind Regards

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