Token Mismatch Error when registering to the SenseIQ Community Forums

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    Hi all,

    We’ve heard that a small number of people are getting a “Token Mismatch Error” when they try to click on the “verify” link in their emails when registering to post in these Forums. In general, this means that the link has already been clicked, and that user account is now active. What we’ve found though is that some corporate email security systems sometimes follow links in emails to see if they are safe.

    If this happens to you, then it could be that your email server has already “clicked” the link for you – so your account may already be active. Try to log in with the credentials you have chosen.

    If you’d rather your email links from SenseIQ are not attempted automatically, please see your IT support team and ask them to please “whitelist” any emails from *

    SenseIQ Team.

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